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Why Sicily

The People, Food, Wine, History, Scenery…

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Shopping in San Giacomo

Eating Out
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Crai Supermarket - Carmelo's

A well stocked nice country grocery store where you will find most everything you need. Great meat shop with fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken. Super deli with fresh local cheeses, sundried tomatos, olives, fresh ricotta, ham, sausages, beef, chicken and turkey. Fresh baked breads and they will make your take away sandwiches with any ingredients you can imagine.  Map

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Barbuto Natural Products
Indulge in the true taste of Sicily

Ships worldwide.

Phone: + 35620106885

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Oleificio Covato - Olio extravergine d'oliva monti iblei

Buy your extra virgin olive oil directly from the people who press it. It doesn't get any fresher than this!

Phone: +39 0932 231262

Website: / Map

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Enzo's Building Supplies - San Giacomo Montesano

Nearly everything you can imagine for building or restoring your new home. He has gravel, blocks, cement, fencing, plumbing and electrical supplies, the list is too long to mention. Check him out.

Phone: +39 0932 2311412
Cell: +39 335 581 5528


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