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Sights to see in Buccheri Sicily

Sights in Buccheri

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Medfest Buccheri / Tamburi di Buccheri

Usually around the 3rd weekend in August. Be sure not to miss this fun event!

Meeting point of culture and civilization. Mystical and metaphysical union of religions, rites and legends. Alchemy of languages, colors, visual and olfactory scents, rhythms of craftsmanship and musical sounds. All this was the Sicilian Middle Ages, the belly of the Mediterranean and even before the Lombards and the Normans. Today we could define technical evidence of globalization in a world (the medieval one) that in the Mediterranean had its center and in Sicily its navel, the meeting point between populations profoundly different from each other, but, at the same time, united by trade and curiosity to know the "different" and the "unknown".

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Medfest Buccheri
Medfest Buccheri


A very fun adventure park close to Buccheri. Zipline, explore, picinic, just about everything you can do outdoors! / Phone: +39 331 330598 or +39 333 9218145 / Map
Parcallario adventure park

Natura Sicula

Nature library and local publishing, excursions, ecological days, environmental education, guided tours, conservation, travel, courses, trekking, summer camps, music, university internships , exhibitions, local tastings of Sicilian Cusine.

Phone: +39 338 827 6971 Via Matteotti, 1 Buccheri, Sicily / Map

Natura Sicula
Natura Sicula
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