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Why Sicily

The People, Food, Wine, History, Scenery…

Siracusa Sicily bayside Ortygia Sicily

Shopping in Siracusa and Ortygia

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The Market in Ortigia

Come and explore a truly unique shopping experience. Open daily, the open air market is a scene of great excitement and the perfect place to pick up that fresh fish or vegetables for the evening meal. Get there early as the market is open from 05:00 a.m to 02:00 p.m. The market is not quite as active on Sundays and the most active on Wednesdays.


mussels in Siracusa Sicily
market day in Siracusa Sicily

Tiné Fiori - Florist Shop

Cut flowers, gifts, plants, accessories. A nice shop to spend some time in.

Viale Cadorna, 158 / Siracusa, Sicily
Phone: 0931 67532


Tine Fiori Sicily 1
Tine Fiori Sicily 2

Fiordilatte Siracusa - Gelato and more!

Fantastic Gelato and sweets!

Via del Porto Grande, 10-14 / Siracusa, Sicily
Phone: +39 0931 24971


Fiordilatte Siracusa 1
Fiordilatte Siracusa 2

Diffusione Tessile - Ladies Clothes Outlet

This fashion outlet has a large selection of ladieswear of Italian design. Open Tuesday - Saturday 09:30 to 21:00 and Sunday and Monday 10:00 to 21:00


Diffusione Tessile, Siracusa Sicily
Diffusione Tessile, Siracusa Sicily 1

Caracciolo Ferramenta - Hardware Store

Huge supply of hardware and building accessories. World wide shipping available. Everything for the builder or remodeler.

Via Lerone 1, 74 / Siracusa, Sicily
Phone: +39 093161610


Caracciolo Ferramenta - Hardware Store 1
Caracciolo Ferramenta - Hardware Store Siracusa Sicily